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Medicaid Approvals

Our Mission

Getting approved for Medicaid is a complicated and frustrating processes, not to mention that time is also of essence. It takes a true expert in the intricacies of the system to get it done right. At ElderGuide, your peace of mind is our top priority. From documentation to application, communication to approval, we take care of all the details to get your Medicaid approval in a timely and efficient manner. So relax, because ElderGuide has your back.

What They Say

"My contact at ElderGuide, Baila Finkel, was very experienced in obtaining Medicaid for our family member. It is a process that really requires an Elder attorney. Baila was very diligent and knew the in's and out's of the process. She truly cared about helping us."

Barbara Fisher

"I worked with 4 different associates from start to finish in order to obtain Medicaid for a loved one. Each associate at Elderguide was very polite and efficient in guiding me through the process. I would and have recommended this firm to anyone looking to obtain Medicaid. The process was easy and fast. Thank you to all at Elderguide, especially Tziri for your guidance and professionalism at this challenging time for me."

Dee Bosco

"After two unsuccessful attempts applying for Medicaid on my own, ElderGuide did what I could not accomplish. Everyone who helped me was professional and kind. Their communication is frequent and clear which I greatly appreciated."

Beth Scheiderman

"Baila was a huge help in helping my family through the Medicaid process. The family member had a wide range of paperwork to submit due to owning assets and haveing various side businesses, but she helped us through all of it and made sure we got everything we needed submitted."

Daniel Yu

"I would like to highly recommend Elderguide to navigate the Medicaid Process for your loved one. This application is a full time job within itself and if you try to complete it on your own all i can say is Good Luck! We were Blessed to have worked with Esther Sturman who was our Case Manager. Without Esther's help I just don't know where we would be today! Her guidance, experience, knowledge, empathy are just few words to say how appreciative we are to have had her. Thank you Elderguide and Esther for such a positive experience, now that we know that our Loved one will continue receiving the support he needs with his Medicaid approval!"

Norma ko ki Rios

"ElderGuide was fantastic. Esther and Mirel were great to work with. They made the application process easy for the whole family. They kept in touch with us during the entire process. I highly recommend ElderGuide."

Private Account

"It was difficult seeing our mother unable to take care of herself after having a stroke. I don't think we could have gotten through the process of switching her over to Medicaid without Rivkie from ElderGuide. She was very understanding and patient throughout the process."

Judy G

"ElderGuide did a fantastic job with quick speed and efficiency to get a family member approved for Medicaid! There were many challenges regarding documentation, property and other issues that Elisheva was able to quickly solve to move the process far faster than my expectations and others that are familiar with what it takes to get an approval! I highly recommend selecting ElderGuide!"

James Rinier

"My case manager, Tziri, was very proficient and I believe we worked well together as a team. While the whole process took longer than I expected, and the high upfront costs did not cover basic, but expensive, costs like bank charges for copies, I'm happy that I had assistance in pulling the application together. I'd recommend ElderGuide to anyone whose time, and stress levels, are more valuable than the substantial cost (which has to be spent down anyway to qualify for Medicaid). Lastly, it is important to have an "ally" like ElderGuide during this traumatic part of your life, to navigate the bureaucracy we have created for elder care."

Gary Cooper

"This company was a godsend. My grandmothers case was extremely complicated. Jumping in as a granddaughter with little to no access to financial/personal information on my grandmother, who has dementia, I was hopeless. The Medicaid applications are daunting, and much too complex for me to have tackled on my own. Esther worked tirelessly to get her approved. There were a lot of complications that could have left us with a huge penalty, but after a few months and a ton of work for Elderguide, she was approved with ZERO penalty. Unbelievable! I can’t express how grateful I am for their help. 10000% recommend!!"

Olivia Lombardi

We're here to help

Trust ElderGuide to Take Care of your Medicaid Approval.

Our passionate team will guide you through the process and get you approved in no time. Fill out the form for a no obligation consultation.

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